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Floor Care

A Range of Professional Floor Cleaning Equipment

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The Lavor Floor Care line offers a complete range of machines for cleaning paved indoor or outdoor areas. It meets every need both in terms of the type of material to be cleaned and the size of the area, providing solutions suitable for small businesses, large companies or cleaning companies.

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With the Lavor Floor Care range of machines, such as the scrubber dryers and sweepers, cleaning large and small areas becomes faster and easier, with improved cleaning results and less manpower.

All Lavor machines have been designed to be simple and intuitive to use so that personnel can be immediately operational. Even routine maintenance is quick and easy so that the machine is always in perfect condition to provide high and constant performance over time.


FASTER cleaning


DEEPER cleaning



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For cleaning any type of paved surface (hard, resilient, textile, internal and external), however dirty it may be, a scrubber dryer is the ideal solution. It ensures fast professional cleaning with the minimum number of personnel and guarantees perfectly dry and safe floors, which can be used immediately by the public, without waiting times.

The machine uses two principles, mechanical friction and the chemical action of the detergent: a cleaning solution is sprayed onto rotating brushes that scrub the surface to be cleaned. The dirty water, mixed with residues, is collected by a squeegee and sucked into a tank by a turbine. The vacuum action leaves the floor clean and dry.



The walk-behind floor scrubber dryers are manoeuvred by an operator via a special handle while walking behind them. The machines are compact and easy to handle, perfect for cleaning spaces of up to 500 m2² such as offices, restaurants, shops, schools, theatres, laundry rooms, bars, workshops etc.



The ride-on floor scrubber dryers have a seat for the operator and a steering wheel for manoeuvring them. These are more powerful machines, suitable for large areas (up to 12,000 m²) such as in business facilities, warehouses, car showrooms, airports, shopping centres etc.

Lavor | Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber Dryers
Lavor | Ride-On Floor Scrubber Dryers


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Level of Cleanliness

The use of two tanks, one for clean water and detergent and one for the collection of the dirty water, ensures a very high level of cleanliness and hygiene, while the brushes leave neither streaks nor smears to provide a perfect result.



A scrubber dryer allows significant savings on water and detergent. It is estimated that a floor-cleaning machine uses 0.05 litres of cleaning solution to wash a 10 square metre area compared to 0.5 litres required for manual cleaning.



The floor dries instantly and can be walked on immediately; there is no need to cordon off ‘wet floor areas’ or waste time with wet floor signs. The noise generated by these extremely quiet machines is reduced to a minimum so that they do not disturb normal activities.

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A scrubber dryer cleans, sanitizes and dries in a single pass! It cuts cleaning times in half compared to traditional solutions.

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Sweepers are the ideal solution for collecting dust and debris quickly and effectively, keeping large indoor and outdoor areas, such as warehouses, supermarkets, gyms, courtyards, car parks, forecourts etc. clean. The range includes models with one or two side brushes; the dirt is pushed towards a central roller brush, which collects it.

Just like the scrubber-dryers, sweepers ensure fast and excellent results. The compact and easily manoeuvrable walk-behind models are perfect for medium-sized rooms containing obstacles, while the ride-on models have been designed to sweep very large areas quickly.

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The walk-behind sweepers are manoeuvred via handles at the back of the machine. These compact and extremely easy to handle machines are ideal for small spaces such as shops, workshops, showrooms etc.

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The ride-on sweepers have a seat for the operator and a steering wheel for manoeuvring them. Their ergonomic seats and high performance allow you to clean extensive areas such as warehouses, airports, shopping centres and car parks in less time and without operator fatigue.

Lavor | Walk-Behind Sweepers
Lavor | Ride-On Sweepers


Both battery and internal combustion engine versions are available. The choice between one and the other depends on the area of use. An internal combustion engine implies exhaust gases and therefore has to be used exclusively outdoors or at least in areas where it would not affect the safety of the operator. The battery-powered versions, on the other hand, can also be used indoors without difficulty. From a technical and qualitative point of view, a battery-powered sweeper works in exactly the same way. However, the autonomy of an engine-powered machine is unlimited (you just need to fill up with fuel); while with battery versions, once the battery has discharged, you have to wait until it is recharged (on average 8-10 hours for a completely discharged battery).


Same Performance for both versions

8-10 hours of working autonomy with a single battery


Choice and Use

In order to choose the perfect machine for your needs, you have to consider several aspects, both for scrubber-dryers and sweepers.

The size and shape of the space to be cleaned. For very large and unobstructed work areas, a ride-on model is always better because it has a greater cleaning capacity and requires less operator effort; when a compact and manageable machine is required, a walk-behind model is the ideal choice.

Together with space, obviously time is also an important factor. Machines can be compared according to their hourly output (m²/h), or how many square metres they can clean in an hour. If cleaning speed is a critical factor for you, this should also be taken into account.

When choosing sweepers, it is important to know whether cleaning will take place outdoors or indoors. In the latter case, you will should opt for a battery-powered or manual version because models with internal combustion engines cannot be used indoors. In the case of outdoor sweepers, on the other hand, a diesel or petrol engine model is recommended.

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To complete the range of professional cleaning equipment, the Lavor Floor Care range also includes:


Vacuum Cleaners


Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners


Carpet Cleaners

A vacuum cleaner is a machine that is capable of removing dirt and coarse debris. It can be used at home or in a professional setting to remove processing residues such as sawdust and ferrous dust in artisan workshops and industrial facilities.


Some Lavor vacuum cleaners have a wet function, which is very useful for removing stagnant water, damp dirt etc.


Lastly, some models are provided with a carpet cleaning function, for cleaning carpets and textile-covered surfaces, such as car interiors, rugs, sofas, carpets etc.

Lavor | Carpet Cleaners

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Lavor | Steam Cleaners

The power of the steam makes it is possible to sanitize quickly, thoroughly, and without the need to use harsh chemical products. All water and high temperature resistant surfaces can be cleaned and sanitized in a very short time using a steam cleaner. Their degreasing action is immediate and dissolves dirt without rubbing or damaging the surfaces. These products are ideal for cleaning kitchens, food preparation rooms, changing rooms, gyms, bathrooms, etc.